Our Vision

Our vision is to add 15 healthy years to 1 billion people. We believe that the active and social pursuit of healthy longevity is the greatest potential to be unlocked in our society.

We have the opportunity to radically reduce our risk of age-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's as well as to free ourselves from reoccurring illnesses and a general impairment of our capacities.

So much can be changed for the better through lifestyle changes. What is needed are right instructions, good experience design, and a social environment. This is what Yolife aims to provide for a large number of people of all ages.

It is not just a business for us, it is what we live ourselves and what improved our own lives so much that we cannot but make this our mission.

And the near future is even more promising. Breakthrough rejuvenation therapies and drug discoveries are on the rise to directly target aging as a disease and extend our overall healthy lifespan. Therefore, we will make Yolife a gateway to those exciting measures for as many people as possible.

We think that re-designing our habits and mindset for longevity and leveraging the achievements of science and technology for this purpose is the most important next step in human evolution. Being part of it makes our lives meaningful. That's why we'll never give up.


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