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For the past three years we have made extensive background research on lifestyle factors that affect health. We believe that we are on this journey for better health all together, and hence we want to give back to the society. So, here are all the best sources used in Yolife app, categorised under each health area.

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Alcohol Consumption Icon

Alcohol Consumption

Relationship of Alcohol Consumption to All-Cause, Cardiovascular, and Cancer-Related MortalityEffect of alcohol consumption on biological markers associated with risk of coronary heart diseaseNutrition Facts: Is It Better to Drink a Little Alcohol than None at All?Do "Moderate" Drinkers Have Reduced Mortality Risk? • NEWBrian Kennedy: Alcohol intake and liver lipid levels in miceAlcohol drinking cessation and its effect on esophageal and head and neck cancersAlcohol Intake and Breast Cancer RiskAlcohol consumption on pancreatic diseasesDrinking habits as cofactors of risk for alcohol induced liver damageAlcohol Consumption and the Risk of Type 2 DiabetesDoes alcohol affect blood sugar levels in diabetes?Hydration Status and the Diuretic Action of a Small Dose of AlcoholRole of plasma vasopressin in changes of water balance accompanying acute alcohol intoxicationAcute Effect of Alcohol Intake on Cardiovascular Autonomic Regulation During the First Hours of SleepSleep Quality and Alcohol Risk in College StudentsSleep, Sleepiness, and Alcohol UseRelationship between alcohol intake, body fat, and physical activityAlcohol and lipid metabolismAlcohol consumption and cognitive decline in early old ageModerate alcohol consumption as risk factor for adverse brain outcomes and cognitive decline: longitudinal cohort studyThe effects of alcohol consumption upon the gastrointestinal tractAlcohol Effects on the Composition of Intestinal MicrobiotaRelations between alcohol consumption, heart rate, and heart rate variability in men

BMI (Body-Mass-Index) Icon

BMI (Body-Mass-Index)

WHO: Obesity and overweightWikipedia: AdipocyteObesity and visceral fat: a growing inflammatory diseaseThe Human Visceral Fat Depot Has a Unique Inflammatory ProfileBelly fat may drive inflammatory processes associated with diseaseInflammaging: a new immune–metabolic viewpoint for age-related diseases • NEWChronic Inflammation (Inflammaging) and Its Potential Contribution to Age-Associated DiseasesAn Update on Inflamm-Aging: Mechanisms, Prevention, and TreatmentFTO genotype, dietary protein, and change in appetiteThe genetics of obesity: FTO leads the wayDietary fiber: Essential for a healthy dietGlycogen storage: illusions of easy weight lossTackling malnutrition: a systematic review of 15-year research evidence

Disease Prevention Icon

Disease Prevention

Behaviorally Assessed Sleep and Susceptibility to the Common ColdUpper respiratory tract infection is reduced in physically fit and active adultsPrevention and treatment of the common cold: making sense of the evidence • NEWPreventing the common cold with a garlic supplementPsychological Stress and the Human Immune System: A Meta-Analytic Study of 30 Years of InquiryWHO: The top 10 causes of death • NEW

Environment Icon


Artificial light at night: melatonin as a mediator between the environment and epigenomeBenefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human HealthBenefits of moderate sun exposureSeasonal Affective DisorderVitamin D and Sunlight: Strategies for Cancer Prevention and Other Health BenefitsSerum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Risk of Multiple SclerosisRandomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in schoolchildrenVitamin D Deficiency and Risk for Cardiovascular DiseaseWHO: The known health effects of UVCleaning at Home and at Work in Relation to Lung Function Decline and Airway ObstructionB Cell Development in GALT: Role of Bacterial Superantigen-Like MoleculesHow bacteria boost the immune systemAntibacterial Household Products: Cause for ConcernEMF PortalGlobal, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 79 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015 • NEWImpact of air pollution on the burden of chronic respiratory diseases in China: time for urgent actionAmbient air pollution in relation to diabetes and glucose-homoeostasis markers in ChinaAir pollution and diabetes: it's time to get active!American Cancer Society: CosmeticsA Study of the Possible Harmful Effects of Cosmetic Beauty Products on Human HealthChemical Exposures: The Ugly Side of Beauty Products



Leisure-Time Running Reduces All-Cause and Cardiovascular Mortality RiskAssociations of sitting time and occupation with metabolic syndrome • NEWSick of sittingAerobic vs anaerobic exercise training effects on the cardiovascular systemExercise benefits in cardiovascular disease: beyond attenuation of traditional risk factorsHealth benefits of physical activityExercise, cognitive function, and agingEffects of Physical Exercise on Cognitive Functioning and WellbeingEffect of exercise on cognitive function in chronic disease patientsEffects of dance movement therapy and dance on health-related psychological outcomes: A meta-analysisArgentine tango dance compared to mindfulness meditation and a waiting-list control: a randomised trial for treating depressionDance as Therapy for Individuals with Parkinson DiseaseExercise type and activities of daily living disability in older women: An 8‐year population‐based cohort studyEffect of exercise on cognitive function in chronic disease patientsEffects of Mind‐Body Exercises on Cognitive Function in Older Adults: A Meta‐AnalysisWhite Matter Integrity Declined Over 6-Months, but Dance Intervention Improved Integrity of the Fornix of Older AdultsCultural Dance and HealthEffects of a 12-Week Hatha Yoga Intervention on Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength and Endurance, and FlexibilityHatha yoga: improved vital capacity of college studentsImpact of 10-weeks of yoga practice on flexibility and balance of college athletesEffects of Hatha yoga and Omkar meditation on cardiorespiratory performance, psychologic profile, and melatonin secretionRandomized, controlled, six-month trial of yoga in healthy seniors: effects on cognition and quality of life • NEWEffect of yoga on cardiovascular system in subjects above 40 yearsEffect of Yoga Practice on Levels of Inflammatory Markers After Moderate and Strenuous ExerciseA randomised comparative trial of yoga and relaxation to reduce stress and anxietyRapid stress reduction and anxiolysis among distressed women as a consequence of a three-month intensive yoga programYoga as a treatment for binge eating disorder: a preliminary studyRandomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Fasting and Calorie Restriction (CR)

Fasting and Calorie Restriction (CR)

Aging and Caloric Restriction ResearchComparison of intermittent fasting versus caloric restriction in obese subjectsCalorie Restriction and Fasting Diets: What Do We Know? • NEWFasting or caloric restriction for Healthy AgingFasting: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications • NEWThe Evidence for Saturated Fat and for Sugar Related to Coronary Heart DiseaseIntermittent living – A hypothesis • NEWEffects of 8-hour time restricted feeding on body weight and metabolic disease risk factorsCoffee induces autophagy in vivoProlonged Fasting reduces IGF-1/PKA to promote hematopoietic stem cell-based regeneration and reverse immunosuppressionFasting for 72 hours can reset your entire immune system • NEWFasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system

Hot & Cold Exposure Icon

Hot & Cold Exposure

Brown adipose tissue: function and physiological significanceYes, even human brown fat is on fire!Adiponectin increases fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscleAdiponectin and cardiovascular diseaseAdiponectin: a link between excess adiposity and associated comorbidities?The Fork head transcription factor DAF-16 transduces insulin-like metabolic and longevity signals in C. elegansLifespan extension of Caenorhabditis elegans following repeated mild hormetic heat treatmentsBeing cool: how body temperature influences ageing and longevity • NEWImmune system of cold-exposed and cold-adapted humansThe effect of cold exposure on cerebral blood flow and cerebral available oxygenPost‐exercise cold water immersion attenuates acute anabolic signalling and long‐term adaptations in muscle to strength training • NEWAssociation Between Sauna Bathing and Fatal Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality EventsHaemodynamic and hormonal responses to heat exposure in a Finnish sauna bathEffect of steam bath on gastric secretion and some endocrine changes of athlete-fightersA comparison of whole body vibration and moist heat on lower extremity skin temperature and skin blood flow in healthy older individualsSauna bathing is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality and improves risk prediction in men and women: a prospective cohort study • NEWHeat Stress and Cardiovascular, Hormonal, and Heat Shock Proteins in Humans

Life Extension Research & Technology Icon

Life Extension Research & Technology

The Hallmarks of AgingCiti Lists Anti-Aging Medicines in Top 10 Disruptive Technologies • NEWAubrey de Grey: A roadmap to cure agingAging, Cellular Senescence, and CancerSenolytic drugs reverse damage caused by senescent cells in mice • NEWOisin BiotechnologiesCleara BiotechAntoxereneUnity BiotechnologyThe Fountain of Youth: A Tale of Parabiosis, Stem Cells, and RejuvenationAmbrosiaAlkahestOsteopontin attenuates aging-associated phenotypes of hematopoietic stem cellsElevianElizabeth Blackburn: The science of cells that never get oldBioVivaLiz Parrish and BioViva, a Chapter in the Telomerase Gene Therapy BookTelocyteAgeX TherapeuticsCNIOAssociations between diet, lifestyle factors, and telomere length in womenTelomeres, lifestyle, cancer, and agingIn Vivo Amelioration of Age-Associated Hallmarks by Partial ReprogrammingEpigenetics and lifestyleThe Impact of External Factors on the Epigenome: In Utero and over LifetimeTransgenerational epigenetic inheritanceThe Hallmarks of Aging: Loss of ProteostasisCovalent BiosciencesProclara BiosciencesIchor TherapeuticsSpiegel Research Lab of Yale UniversitySENS research foundationA fasting-responsive signaling pathway that extends life span in C. elegansOn the Relationship between Energy Metabolism, Proteostasis, Aging and Parkinson’s DiseaseA conserved NAD+ binding pocket that regulates protein-protein interactions during agingStem cellsEffect of aging on stem cellsAdult Stem Cells and Diseases of AgingStem cell aging: mechanisms, regulators and therapeutic opportunitiesStem Cell ExhaustionAllogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Aging Frailty: A Phase II Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial • NEWMSC TherapyTurning Somatic Cells into Pluripotent Stem CellsHuman pluripotent reprogramming with CRISPR activatorsDeregulated Nutrient SensingUCSFMitochondrionWikipedia: Free-radical theory of agingmitoSENSAlzheimers Drug Turns Back the Clock in MitochondriaInsilico MedicineInnovation in the pharmaceutical industry: New estimates of R&D costsWikipedia: Machine learningSpotlight BiosciencesCalico

Liquids Icon


Acute caffeine ingestion reduces insulin sensitivity in healthy subjects • NEWCoffee consumption and reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetesAssociation of Coffee and Caffeine Intake With the Risk of Parkinson DiseaseCaffeine intake increases plasma ketonesCaffeine enhances endothelial repair by an AMPK-dependent mechanismChlorogenic acid stimulates glucose transport in skeletal muscle via AMPK activationWater, Hydration and HealthThe impact of water intake on energy intake and weight status • NEWPlain water consumption in relation to energy intake and diet qualityList of water contents in foodReport Sets Dietary Intake Levels for Water, Salt, and Potassium to Maintain Health and Reduce Chronic Disease RiskL-theanine and caffeine in combination affect human cognition as evidenced by oscillatory alpha-band activity and attention task performanceA double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the effects of caffeine and L-theanine both alone and in combination on cerebral blood flow, cognition and mood • NEWGreen tea extract ingestion, fat oxidation, and glucose tolerance in healthy humansGreen tea for weight loss and weight maintenance in overweight or obese adultsGreen Tea Consumption and Mortality among Japanese Elderly PeopleGreen tea consumption and mortality due to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all causes in JapanGreen tea consumption and breast cancer risk or recurrence: a meta-analysisThe relationship between green tea and total caffeine intake and risk for self-reported type 2 diabetesMolecular understanding of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases • NEWWikipedia: Epigallocatechin gallateAnti-infective properties of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a component of green teaAntimicrobial effects of green tea polyphenols on thermophilic spore-forming bacteria

Nutrition Icon


Added sugar intake and cardiovascular diseases mortalityIntake of Fruit Juice and Incidence of Type 2 DiabetesGlucose Levels and Risk of DementiaSalt craving: The psychobiology of pathogenic sodium intakeSalt and cardiovascular diseaseTrans fatty acids – A risk factor for cardiovascular diseaseHealth effects of trans fatty acidsWHO: Food additivesEffects of Food Additives on Immune Cells • NEWFood additive list and their health impactPhosphate Additives in Food—a Health RiskPhosphate toxicity: new insights into an old problemDietary Phosphorus Excess: A Risk Factor in Chronic Bone, Kidney, and Cardiovascular Disease?FAO: Green House Gas Emissions by livestockThe water footprint of poultry, pork and beefHealth Risks Associated with Meat Consumption: A Review of Epidemiological StudiesMeat intake and mortality: a prospective study of over half a million peopleMeasuring Artificial Sweeteners ToxicityThe Aspartame controversyHealth effects of erythritolStevia, Nature’s Zero-Calorie Sustainable SweetenerGlucotypes reveal new patterns of glucose dysregulationEffect of soluble fiber intake in lipid and glucose levels in healthy subjectsAssociations of dietary fiber with glucose metabolismWhere Do You Get Your Fiber?Nutrient profiles of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dietary patternsComparison of Nutritional Quality of the Vegan, Vegetarian, Semi-Vegetarian, Pesco-Vegetarian and Omnivorous DietDo Vegetarians Get Enough Protein? • NEWModulating the therapeutic response of tumours to dietary serine and glycine starvationAmino acids in diet could be key to starving cancerFood lists for a ketogenic dietKetosisVegetarian, vegan diets and multiple health outcomes • NEWBeyond Meatless, the Health Effects of Vegan DietsVegetarian diet and cholesterol and triglycerides levelsWhy This Top Cardiologist Wants Heart Patients to Eat VeganWorld Food InnovationsVegan innovation: Growing appetite, plant-based power & retail positioningMeet All Your Nutritional Needs with a Plant-Based DietStudy says there's no link between cholesterol and heart diseaseEggs & Cholesterol: Patently False & Misleading ClaimsApoE4Addiction to Cheese is Real Thanks to CasomorphinsThe Science of Cheese AddictionMilk and dairy products: good or bad for human health? An assessment of the totality of scientific evidenceMilk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studiesCutting through the Paleo hype: The evidence for the Palaeolithic dietEvolutionary explanations for obesity in the low-carbohydrate diet movementDoes caloric restriction extend life in wild mice?Mercury in fishOcean mercury on the increaseFDA: Mercury Levels in Commercial Fish and Shellfish (1990-2012)Evidence on the Human Health Effects of Low-Level Methylmercury ExposureDioxins in fish and fish productsDioxins and their effects on human health • NEWFresh fruit consumption in relation to incident diabetes and diabetic vascular complicationsMeta-Analysis of Genes in Commercially Available Nutrigenomic Tests Denotes Lack of Association with Dietary Intake and Nutrient-Related PathologiesCocoa and Dark Chocolate Polyphenols: From Biology to Clinical ApplicationsDark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammationDark Chocolate: Opportunity for an Alliance between Medical Science and the Food Industry?Effects of high flavanol dark chocolate on cardiovascular function and platelet aggregationSodium and potassium intake and mortality among US adultsSalt intakes around the world: implications for public healthA comprehensive review on salt and health and current experience of worldwide salt reduction programmesThe Association of Hot Red Chili Pepper Consumption and Mortality: A Large Population-Based Cohort StudyAntioxidant activity in extracts from corianderHypolipidemic effect of coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum): mechanism of actionCarnosic acid, a new class of lipid absorption inhibitor from sageRecovery mechanism of the antioxidant activity from carnosic acid quinone, an oxidized sage and rosemary antioxidantTesting various herbs for antithrombotic effectVasomodulating potential of mediterranean wild plant extractsPanax ginseng in randomised controlled trials: a systematic reviewThe Long-Term Consumption of Ginseng Extract Reduces the Susceptibility of Intermediate-Aged Hearts to Acute Ischemia Reperfusion InjuryGut modulatory, blood pressure lowering, diuretic and sedative activities of cardamomHealth benefits of herbs and spices: the past, the present, the futureSpice phenolics inhibit human PMNL 5-lipoxygenaseConsumption of spicy foods and total and cause specific mortality: population based cohort study • NEW

Purpose Icon


Seneca: On the Shortness of LifeDo conscientious individuals live longer? A quantitative reviewConscientiousness and Longevity: An Examination of Possible MediatorsThe Case for Conscientiousness: Evidence and Implications for a Personality Trait Marker of Health and LongevityConscientiousness and health-related behaviors: a meta-analysis of the leading behavioral contributors to mortalityConscientiousness, Career Success, and Longevity: A Lifespan AnalysisConscientiousness and health across the life courseHappy older people live longer • NEWHappiness and Longevity in the United States

Sex Icon


Copulation corrupts immunity: A mechanism for a cost of mating in insectsSexual frequency and salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA)Sex and death: are they related? Findings from the Caerphilly Cohort Study • NEWFive-year mortality in a 70-year-old urban population in relation to psychiatric diagnosis, personality, sexuality and early parental death

Sleep Icon


Sleep Duration and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective StudiesSleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain • NEWHow Sleep Clears the BrainA Novel BHLHE41 Variant is Associated with Short Sleep and Resistance to Sleep Deprivation in Humans

Smoking Icon


Lifestyle risk factors and residual life expectancy at age 40: a German cohort studyRisk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease associated with secondhand smoke exposure: A systematic review and meta-analysis • NEWAlcohol and TobaccoTobacco Industry Profits Estimated $35 Billion With Almost 6 Million Annual DeathsEconomic Trends in Tobacco

Social Icon


Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review • NEWThe relationship between social support and physiological processes: A review with emphasis on underlying mechanisms and implications for healthThe influence of close others’ exercise habits and perceived social support on exerciseIs There Evidence that Friends Influence Body Weight? • NEWSpousal Concordance in Health Behavior ChangeHusbands’ and Wives’ Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms

Stress Icon


Positive stress and its impact on performanceStress and health: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological DeterminantsRelationships Between Percentage of Forest Coverage and Standardized Mortality RatiosAcute effects of walking in forest environments on cardiovascular and metabolic parametersPsychological effects of forest environments on healthy adultsShinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Nature Therapy: A State-of-the-Art Review

Supplements Icon


Phytonutrients as therapeutic agentsThe Role of Phytonutrients in Skin HealthWhat are Phytonutrients?Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals for CVD Prevention and Treatment • NEWMost multivitamins and supplements are a waste of moneyEffects of a combination of beta carotene and vitamin A on lung cancer and cardiovascular diseaseThe effect of vitamin E and beta carotene on the incidence of lung cancer and other cancers in male smokersFree radicals are not your enemy | An interview with Dr. Michael RistowD-Glucosamine supplementation extends life span of nematodes and of ageing miceEffectiveness and safety of Glucosamine, chondroitin, the two in combination • NEWGlucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking low-carb dietGlucosamine: The new metformin? | Interview with Dr. Michael RistowLong-Term, High-Dose Vitamin B6/B12 Use Associated With Increased Lung Cancer Risk Among Men • NEWB vitamins may raise risk of lung cancer in men who smokeNIH: Vitamin B12DNA methylationThe 10 Best Foods Highest in Vitamin B9 (Folate)Cancer risk with folic acid supplements: a systematic review and meta-analysisCurcumin ingestion and exercise training improve vascular endothelial function in postmenopausal womenThe protective role of curcumin in cardiovascular diseasesCurcumin induces glutathione biosynthesis and inhibits NF-kappaB activation and interleukin-8 release in alveolar epithelial cells: mechanism of free radical scavenging activityCurcumin downregulates the constitutive activity of NF-κB and induces apoptosis in novel mouse melanoma cellsNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents differ in their ability to suppress NF-κB activation, inhibition of expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and cyclin D1, and abrogation of tumor cell proliferationInflammation and cancerCurcuminoids enhance amyloid-beta uptake by macrophages of Alzheimer's disease patientsThe effect of curcumin (turmeric) on Alzheimer's disease: An overviewAntioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcuminOn the antioxidant mechanism of curcumin: classical methods are needed to determine antioxidant mechanism and activitySafety and anti-inflammatory activity of curcuminAnti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, a major constituent of Curcuma longa: a review of preclinical and clinical researchCurcumin reverses the effects of chronic stress on behavior, the HPA axis, BDNF expression and phosphorylation of CREBAntidepressant-like effects of curcumin in WKY rat model of depression is associated with an increase in hippocampal BDNFThe promise of slow down ageing may come from curcuminCurcumin, inflammation, ageing and age-related diseasesInfluence of piperine on the pharmacokinetics of curcumin in animals and human volunteersDietary factors and fluctuating levels of melatoninEffect of marine-derived n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on C-reactive protein, interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor α: a meta-analysisOmega-3 fatty acids in inflammation and autoimmune diseasesEicosapentaenoic acid versus docosahexaenoic acid in mild-to-moderate depression: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialAssociation between omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and risk of major cardiovascular disease events: a systematic review and meta-analysisEfficacy of omega-3 fatty acid supplements (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials • NEWLack of benefit of dietary advice to men with angina: results of a controlled trialReview: omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplements do not reduce major cardiovascular events in adultsVitamin D supplementation for prevention of mortality in adultsVitamin D and chronic disease preventionAn estimate of the global reduction in mortality rates through doubling vitamin D levelsMetformin and cancer: An existing drug for cancer prevention and therapyThe mechanisms of action of metforminMetabolic Roles of AMPK and Metformin in Cancer CellsFacebook: Metformin Self-experiment GroupEffect of metformin on exercise capacity: A meta-analysisMetformin reduces all-cause mortality and diseases of ageing independent of its effect on diabetes control: A systematic review and meta-analysis • NEWMetformin as a geroprotectorMetformin and berberine, two versatile drugs in treatment of common metabolic diseasesMetformin as a Tool to Target AgingForever Healthy: Rejuvenation NowWikipedia: mTORRapamycin in miceTOR Signaling and Rapamycin Influence Longevity by Regulating SKN-1/Nrf and DAF-16/FoxOFrom rapalogs to anti-aging formulaA conserved NAD+ binding pocket that regulates protein-protein interactions during agingWhy NAD+ Declines With AgeAn Educational Article on the Business of Selling Nicotinamide RibosideWikipedia: ScurvyInfluence of Vitamin C on Lymphocytes: An OverviewRecommended intakes of Vitamin CAuthors' perspective: What is the optimum intake of vitamin C in humans?Vitamin C intake, circulating vitamin C and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of prospective studiesVitamins E and C in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in men: the Physicians' Health Study II randomized controlled trialVitamins C and E and beta carotene supplementation and cancer risk: a randomized controlled trialNo evidence supports vitamin E indiscriminate supplementationCoenzyme Q10 Supplementation in Aging and Disease • NEWCoenzyme Q10Topical treatment with coenzyme Q10-containing formulas improves skin's Q10 level and provides antioxidative effectsThe effect of dietary intake of coenzyme Q10 on skin parameters and condition: Results of a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind studyAging skin is functionally anaerobic: importance of coenzyme Q10 for anti aging skin careMayo Clinic: Coenzyme Q10Clinical applications of coenzyme Q10Comparison study of plasma coenzyme Q10 levels in healthy subjects supplemented with ubiquinol versus ubiquinoneUbiquinol is superior to ubiquinone to enhance Coenzyme Q10 status in older menGut feelings: the emerging biology of gut-brain communication • NEWInvestigating the role of perceived stress on bacterial flora activity and salivary cortisol secretion

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