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We are a passionate, professional team on an ambitious journey. By combining the powerful technologies of machine learning and genomics with cutting-edge research in a user-friendly experience, we want to empower people to become their own preventative doctors.

The next 20 years will bring the greatest change the health industry has ever seen: cellular and molecular rejuvenation therapies. Our vision is to become a platform to match long-life seeking users with therapy providers.

Whether you are a talented developer, researcher, business or sales person, or with any other profession that you think could benefit our development process in the near future, don't hesitate and reach out to us.

Even though we currently wouldn't have a specific open job position for your skills and aspirations, things are changing rapidly and we would like to be in touch with the people we need in the moment we have to extend our team. A quick call or meeting over a coffee never hurts.

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We have 2 job openings:

Lead Developer
React Native Developer • NEW


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