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We are funded by APX Axel Springer & Porsche, Hypergrowth Ventures, European Union, and Investment Bank Berlin.

We are a professional team on an ambitious journey that also reflects our greatest personal passion. By combining the powerful technologies of machine learning, electronic health records, and genomics with cutting-edge research in a user-friendly experience, we aim to empower people to become their own preventative doctors.

The next 20 years will bring the greatest changes the health industry has ever seen: cellular and molecular rejuvenation therapies. We want to build a bridge between the already available and rapidly growing possibilities of digital health and tomorrow’s game-changing biotechnology. Our vision is to become a platform to match long-life seeking users with therapy providers.

To accelerate our development process, we're currently looking for seed investors who resonate with our mission and want to become part of the journey. If that’s you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We already raised €300k, have our own skin in the game, and aim for a meaningful long-term impact. We’re happy to hear from you.

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