Do the 1 thing to live longer in good health

Do one health challenge at a time. Score with healthy lifetime. Earn coins. Unlock cool deals from health product and service providers.

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300 +

Scientific sources

Our technology is based on a large pool of trusted scientific studies.

15 +

Lifestyle areas

The only app in the world that considers all lifestyle aspects that have an impact on your lifespan.


Service for you

Focus on what is truly game-changing for your healthy lifespan in a holistic context.

Life extension just got easier.

How it works

Know what to focus on

From the whole picture of your lifestyle and health, Yolife always generates the best challenge for you. Improve where you have the greatest impact towards your goals and on your overall health.

Understand the holistic impact

Everything is connected. Do 1 thing, see how it impacts other aspects of your health and how it helps you to reach your goals.

Do an exercise challenge to sleep better, sharpen your focus, and strengthen your immune system. Get daylight to sleep better. Sleep better to lose weight. Yolife shows you the connections.

Join Forces

Longevity and Health Improvement don’t have to be lonesome activities. Invite a friend to do a health challenge together. Motivate each other, stay accountable, reach your health goals together.

Bonus: If your friend joins, both of you get a free month of Yolife Premium!

Discover your personalized knowledge base

Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, social life, fasting - find lessons and actions on 15+ health and lifestyle topics, all personalized based on your health profile.

Don’t just read articles - understand what facts mean for you.

Earn coins for cool deals

Here is the cherry on top: Achieve challenges, do small actions, finish a lesson, or invite a friend - Yolife credits you for all of it with virtual coins. Use them to unlock cool, exclusive deals from health product and service providers.

All based on scientific studies.

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Yolife Premium

Premium Actions

Get actions from accredited experts that have the greatest impact on your lifespan and help you to execute on your challenges.

Premium Lessons

50+ Premium lessons on topics like supplements, fasting, advanced nutrition, and many more. All personalized according to your profile.

Goal Guidelines

Knowing what to do to reach your goals and live longer is great. Knowing how much you have to do in every area is even more effective.

You want to see how many glasses of water to drink and how much exercise to do to lose weight or increase your mental focus? Here you go!

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Life extension is a team game.

Tassilo Weber

CEO & Co-Founder

Roope Kärki

COO & Co-Founder

Or Sarfati


Dr. Bruno Smirmaul, PhD

Chief Science Officer

We want to add 15 healthy years to 1 billion people.

Yolife is more then just a business for us. We live this. We made the change in our own lives and constantly keep on experimenting and challenging ourselves.

Making our and other pioneers' best practices accessible to you is our mission.

We are hiring

Advisory Board

Dr. Julian Wichmann, MD

Medical & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Manish Kumar, PhD

Genomics Advisor

Frank Kochanski

Business Advisor

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau

Research Advisor

You only live once so make the most out of it.

Do the 1 thing to live longer in good health.

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Get practical tips and useful information on how to live longer in great health.
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